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Ghazar P'arpec'i

Ghazar P'arpec'i by Karekin Zarbanalian (1865)   Ghazar P’arpec’i flourished at the end of the fifth and the beginning of the sixth century. It was a miserable period, after the dissolution of the Arsacid throne, when Armenia was under the political rule of the marzbans. Discord had started to rear its ugly head among the nakharars, putting the country in...

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Smbat Sparapet’s Letter to King Henry I of Cyprus

The author of the History of the Tartars, Het’um the Historian, was the nephew of King Het’um I and Smbat Sparapet (commander-in-chief) of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, both of whom were knowledgeable informants by virtue of having made the multi-year journey to the Far East (Smbat in 1247-51, and Het’um in in 1254-55). Smbat described some of his observations...

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