Sebeos' History (Complete Set)
Sebeos' History (Complete Set)
Sebeos' History (Complete Set)
Sebeos' History (Complete Set)
Sebeos' History (Complete Set)
Sebeos' History (Complete Set)

Sebeos' History (Complete Set)

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This set includes:

  • Sebeos' History (Vol I)
  • Sebeos' History (Vol II)

Translated by Robert Bedrosian

Sebeos' History is a seventh century document of special importance for the study of Armenia and the Middle East in the sixth-seventh centuries. It was during this period, when Iran and Byzantium were wrestling for control of the Armenian highlands, that Armenian culture became more individual, independent, and distinctively national. While Sebeos focuses his attention primarily on Armenia's lay and clerical naxarars (lords), he also provides extensive and valuable information on events taking place in the neighboring societies of Byzantium, Iran, and among the Arabs. Appended to Volume I is another short work known as the Primary History of Armenia.

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Book Details

Length: 206 pages (Volume I) and ... (Volume II)

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: October 26, 2021 (Volume I) and March 28, 2023 (Volume II)

Original Language: Armenian

Translated Language: English

ISBN: 9781925937763 (Volume I) and 9781925937961 (Volume II)

Medieval Literature

The books in the medieval Armenian literature set address important episodes in Armenian and Near East history, including the Mongol and Seljuk invasions, the fall of Ani, the Battle of Manzikert, the Crusades, etc. The books also contain a welter of information about Armenian anthropology and folklore, and are invaluable learning tools for students of Classical Armenian (Grabar).

This work was translated by the renowned Armenologist Robert Bedrosian, who received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1979, specializing in ancient and medieval Armenian history, and went on to have a decades-long successful career in computer programming. These books respect Armenia’s great literary and cultural legacy, as well as Robert’s lifetime contributions to Armenian history, literature and culture.