The History of the Aghuans (Book 1)
The History of the Aghuans (Book 1)
The History of the Aghuans (Book 1)
The History of the Aghuans (Book 1)

The History of the Aghuans (Book 1)

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Translated by Robert Bedrosian

The History of the Aghuans (Book 1) by Movses Dasxurants'i, is one of the five gems of medieval Armenian literature that marks the start of Sophene’s Dual Language Series. In this series, we aim to make the most important works of ancient Armenian literature accessible to the broadest possible audience by placing the original Armenian text on the left-hand side and the corresponding English translation on the right-hand side.

A major source for the history of the indigenous Aghuan people of Caucasia from the earliest times to about A.D. 988. Aghuania (also Arran, Aghbania, Caucasian Albania) comprised parts of modern Dagestan and Azerbaijan, Armenia’s eastern neighbor. Its ancient peoples and their numerous languages were noted occasionally by classical Greek and Latin authors. Like the neighboring Armenians, the Aghuans were part of the Iranian-Zoroastrian culture-world for at least a millennium. Their royalty and nobility had marriage ties with their counterparts in Iran and Armenia. Also, like Armenia, Aghuania was among the countries early visited by the Apostles; and the Aghuan and Armenian churches were frequently united.

Book One, in 30 chapters, gives a brief summary of Armenian and Aghuanian history reaching to the end of the 5th century.

Book Details

Length: 226 pages

Format: Hardcover and Paperback

Publication Date: December 1, 2020

Original Language: Armenian

Translated Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-925937-37-4 (hardcover) and 978-1-925937-59-6 (paperback)

Medieval Literature

The books in the medieval Armenian literature set address important episodes in Armenian and Near East history, including the Mongol and Seljuk invasions, the fall of Ani, the Battle of Manzikert, the Crusades, etc. The books also contain a welter of information about Armenian anthropology and folklore, and are invaluable learning tools for students of Classical Armenian (Grabar).

The five editions of this set are translated by the renowned Armenologist Robert Bedrosian, who received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1979, specializing in ancient and medieval Armenian history, and went on to have a decades-long successful career in computer programming. These books respect Armenia’s great literary and cultural legacy, as well as Robert’s lifetime contributions to Armenian history, literature and culture.


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