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The History of the Nation of Archers

“The History of the Nation of Archers is one of the shortest, but also one of the most interesting, of the many historical works which the Armenian clergy have left to posterity. It contains the record of a pious observer, even though much of what he relates is hearsay and is not derived from personal impressions, of the coming of the Mongols to the ‘lower countries’. As a historian, Grigor was not immediately exposed to the impact of the invaders, and, brief though his statements are, as he himself says, they are nonetheless quite valuable, and have figured prominently in the studies of Mongolian history by modern scholars.”
–Robert Blake and Richard Frye (1949)

Its author, Gregory of Akner (1250-1335) was an Armenian historian and abbot of the monastery of Akner in Cilicia, the ruins of which are in the modern-day Adana province of Turkey near the village of Eğner. His History of the Nation of Archers is a brief history of the Mongols and their conquests in the Near East over a period of 44 years (1229 to 1273).

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