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The Armenian Serialized Novel of the 19th Century

Raffi’s readers experienced reading the novella in serialized form when it was first published in 1878.  In the 19th century, readers consumed books in the same way that we watch television today. Instead of “tuning in” each week for the next episode of the latest addictive TV drama, readers would turn to the next issue of their favourite literary periodical. Even...

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Jalaleddin (Ջալալէդդին) is named after the eponymous Kurdish Sheikh, whose exploits are also described in the non-fiction book Armenia and the Campaign of 1877 by British war correspondent Charles B. Norman, which referenced Sheikh Jalaleddin and his massacres of the Armenians almost exactly as Raffi described in Jalaleddin. Nicholas Al-Jeloo also helpfully pointed us to some Turkish source material about Sheikh Jalaleddin, who was...

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