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Ghewond by Karekin Zarbanalian (1865) Although our chronicles do not provide definitive information about the span of Ghewond’s life, it is clear that he lived as an eyewitness to events taking place in the late 8th century.             His History, which has made it down to us, describes the Muslim conquest of Armenia of the 7th-8th centuries. There is no mention...

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7th & 8th Century Gems

We are excited to announce our forthcoming publication of Sebeos and Ghevond’s Histories. These key 7th-8th century historical sources continue our Dual Language Series, which places the original Armenian text on the left-hand side and the corresponding English translation on the right-hand side, and will be published on July 13, 2021. Sebeos' History is a seventh century document of special...

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