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Three Gems of Golden Age Literature

We are very excited to announce our forthcoming publication of three gems of Golden Age literature. The hardbacks are part of our new Dual Language Series, which places the original Armenian text on the left-hand side and the corresponding English translation on the right-hand side, and will be published on March 1, 2021.

Yeghishe Dual Excerpt

History of the Armenians by P’avstos (Faustus) Buzand (Volume 1). The History of the Armenians, attributed to P'awstos Buzand, describes episodically and in epic style, events from the military, socio-cultural, and political life of fourth century Armenia. This work is perhaps the most problematical of the Armenian sources, and one of the most tantalizing. Controversy surrounds almost every aspect of this History: the format of the extant (versus the original) text; the author's identity; and where, in what language, and when it was written. There is an extensive body of scholarly literature devoted to these and other questions. P'awstos' History is a treasure of early Armenian literature, invaluable for historians, anthropologists and linguists, for Armenists and Iranists. The present text of P'awstos exists in four “Books,” beginning with Book III. Volume I contains Books III and IV.

History of the Armenians by Ghazar P’arpec’i (Volume 1). Ghazar P'arpec'i's History of the Armenians was written at the end of the fifth or beginning of the sixth century. The first book of this three-book work begins with information concerning the division of Armenia between the Byzantine and Sasanian empires (in 387), and describes the invention of the Armenian alphabet and the abolition of the monarchy in the Iranian-controlled eastern sector (428) to the death of Catholicos Sahak (439). Book II describes the anti-Iranian Armenian uprising of 450/451 (the battle of Awarayr) led by Vardan Mamikonean, while Book III describes another anti-Iranian uprising led by Vardan's nephew, Vahan Mamikonean, and known as the Vahaneanc' (481-84). Volume I contains Books I and II. 

History of Vartan and the Armenian War by Yeghishe (Volume 1). The History of Vartan and the Armenian War by Yeghishe is one of the masterpieces of Classical Armenian literature and a major source for the Battle of Avarayr, its antecedents and aftermath. The History covers the thirty-five year period from 428 to 464 AD in seven chapters. Volume 1 contains the first four chapters of the work, and covers the period from the fall of the Arsacid dynasty of Armenia (428 AD) to the antecedents of the Battle of Avarayr (450/451 AD).

These gems of Armenian literature are translated by Beyon Miloyan and Robert Bedrosian. Beyon received his Ph.D. from The University of Queensland in 2015 and now focuses full-time on translating Armenian literature. Robert received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1979, specializing in ancient and medieval Armenian history, followed by a decades-long successful career in computer programming. Since 2009, he has uploaded over 2,000 documents online about ancient and medieval Armenian culture. A list of these documents can be found here, accompanied by 23 resource guides (clickable syllabuses) to help people navigate the materials.

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